Spirituality In The Fast Lane

Spirituality In The Fast Lane

The last thing I imagined myself doing this summer was racing Porsches in Alabama. It just goes to show you how life's curveballs can come at any moment. An invitation from a friend turned into a life-changing experience. I discovered a sense of oneness in the last place I expected; behind the wheel of a 911 Carrera S at over 100 miles per hour on a real racetrack.

The Porsche Sport Driving School is at the beautiful Barber Motorsports Parkway about 30 minutes outside Birmingham, Alabama. World class instructors, incredible cars and two intense days learning about everything from braking and turning to shifting and sliding in the rain, put me in a mode where I was ready to test the limits of my faith in a high performance automobile.

One of the most profound things I realized in that incredible two days is how powerful an analogy high performance racecar driving is to life. The experience of driving simply compresses it into the hyper fast version of it. 

The most important thing a racecar driver must know is exactly where they are headed. That's why each lap on the track naturally gets faster as the driver gets more confident with where they are going at each blind turn. One of the most critical things they teach you about driving at high speeds

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