Unlimited Possibilities: For the Athlete, Coach or Team looking to achieve the next level of awareness and performance, highlights of the process are the following:



Individual one-on-one sessions. In these sessions the process of creating a bigger perspective on personal possibility and an expanded sense of personal identity will be engaged. Depending on each athlete’s individual situation and how fast the information is absorbed and implemented, a specific schedule can be set. Ongoing communication & coaching is also recommended to ensure the full integration of the new mindset and effort that leads to new powerful results.

Each relationship is different; therefore, the coaching schedule will be set after the first private session.

Sessions are approximately 1 hour in length. Call or email for pricing details and to schedule a session. 



The most powerful and successful coaches are those who can effectively communicate with and connect in the most trusting way with their players. This connection among top coaches is so deep that it inspires and motivates their athletes to the highest levels of performance when it matters most. 

There is an art to doing this. The process with coaching staffs is to educate them on how to coach their athletes to the highest levels of their ability. Presentations can be given individually or to the coaching staff as a whole. Offered are the keys to the highest levels of motivation and inspiration possible through their daily coaching process and the new concept and power behind true “mindfulness”. 

Cost is TBD based on consulting time.



Team energy and unity is a big key to championship performance. The more each individual athlete on the team is operating from a higher belief system in what is possible the greater the chances are of collective team success. The more trust and team bonding there is among every single player the more this connective energy will come into play when it is needed most in the heat of battle.

Team presentations are given offering the power in the belief system of the “unit” and how a team is only as strong as its weakest link. As part of the team process each athlete will go through an individual session strengthening their belief in what IS possible for both themselves and the team. This will create an understanding and group synergy that will all come together in the team presentations and talks. Team communications will get to the heart of strengthening the core of the collective “team mind” and the strength that this type of energy produces.

Cost is TBD based on time and implantation strategy.